Hugs from Rapa Nui

We asked our sister club what they have been up to since the World Sprints in May 2016 and what they have planned for 2017…..

A message from from Tito Paoa!

“Hi Outrigger Caloundra, we just return from the SurAmericano championship and Rapa Nui got all the gold. For the first time since 2011 the Rapa Nui women’s team got together as one and beat the Brazilians. The Rapa Nui Va’a club, started yesterday with summer Va’a program. Just when everything was going right I arrived on the beach on a V6 with my kids after an hour session, to find a bunch of paddlers with a birthday cake and singing happy birthday. It was wonderful… Anyway, next year we have the world marathon in Tahiti, an invitation to go to Catalina crossing in California in September, and an invitation to hawaikinui starting in huahine and ending in Bora Bora. Also hopping that any of the sister club members, visit us and paddle with us. Big hug to all. And once again, thanks for your hospitality”

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